Unlock the hidden value in your contracts by leveraging contract metadata.

Key features

  • A complete view of your contract repository tied to spend, projects & Risk
  • Allows a user to view spend on contract and anticipated spend within a period
  • A single view of your contracts

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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

- Carl Sagan

The 4Contract tool was developed to unlock the hidden value in your contracts through leveraging metadata. When developing this tool, our intention was to gather insights without communicating directly to the supplier, identifying trends and opportunities to understand your contracts health.

As experts in procurement data, we believe this metadata is more powerful than you think.

Once all your contract data is safely loaded into the suite, access across business units, teams or categories is assigned. These permissions are specifically curated for your organisation’s requirements.

Combining innovation with advanced analytics this tool offers significant opportunity to optimise contract data in ways which were never previously possible. It allows both clients and consultants to manage contracts more effectively and efficiently than a conventional procurement team has been able to achieve before.

Analysing contract terms between suppliers and different business units will achieve greater savings opportunities across your organisation. This integrated software will allow clear visualisation of contract length which will not only support your organisation to avoid non-negotiated deals, but prevent auto-renewals as well, saving a high percentage of spend.

These key commercial terms are often disregarded. This tool will ensure these warning signs are not overlooked. This will optimise your saving strategy and help you secure quick wins, improving performance management with greater impact than ever before.

  • Renewals and recognitions to focus on
  • Trends and opportunities across contract portfolio