The advantages of 4Pi

Reduced Risk – We deliver great analytics out of the box to large and small businesses across sectors reducing time to benefit & implementation risk 

Continual Innovation – We embed domain expertise into a continuously evolving suite of products that leverages the learning and experience of each engagement ensuring that they evolve & improve

Combined skills – Our team combines expertise in data science, finance, procurement and procurement technology. These combined talents have created products that can harness data from multiple sources to provide actionable insights

What differentiates us ?

  • Vision of procurement that moves us from transaction management to fully optimised spend & supplier management
  • Proprietary, standardised taxonomy. Leverage multi organisational data for the benefit of each client
  • We extend the scope of Supplier Management to include the ESG agenda

Procurement is a complex domain and before we began the industry had only immature forms of analysis. Real insight and value was only unlocked by expensive professionals with many years of experience. In the absence of good data and analysis, experience was king. No longer.

We have pioneered brand new forms of analytics specifically for procurement, recreating the experience of experience professionals and incorporating machine learning to enrich data and unlock previously invisible insights from your data.

Why we have an advantage

Our technology is already successfully implemented in multiple corporations & SMEs across financial services, public sector, private equity and retail.

We continue to distil our accumulated learnings into a continuously evolving suite of products. Where in-house built solutions will stagnate and ultimately offer a poor ROI, our solution leverages the learning and experience of each engagement, allowing us to create innovations that are only possible where there is significant collaboration.

Our ability to do this is only possible because we have created our products as an interface that is able to sit on top of multiple ERP or data systems, using machine learning and sophisticated data modelling to normalize the data that is often fragmented across multiple sources.

Vision for the future/next steps

We are ambitious. We believe that procurement can be understood and it’s our goal to create a framework that brings insight & understanding to businesses of every industry and size.

By continuing to implement solutions again and again, we continue to refine our guiding theories, which we then embed into our ever more sophisticated tools that can read insights into your data that no human eyes could see.

Meet the team


Chief Technology Officer

Steve Harrison is an entrepreneur who has created organisations in both  technology & procurement consulting

Steve previously held senior roles in Oracle Corporation and investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein


Head of Development

Elaine Heatley is an experienced development manager and has overall responsibility for all development programmes


Senior Consultant

Paddy Pipe plays a key role in developing the product roadmap and manages key clients



David Hill  has deep product expertise and manages new client engagements


Senior Analyst

Oliver Chester applies his advanced technical skills to our big data challenges and provides bespoke solutions to new and existing clients
Thomas Collins


Senior Analyst

Tom Collins brings his analytical and technical skills together to help manage new client engagements and support key clients

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